Complete Noob Question

Hey guys
Just getting started using Blueprints and I was wondering if I create a start screen for my game and then want to call a blueprint kit I have purchased from the Marketplace with the start game button how do I do this?
As I said complete noob so be gentle :slight_smile:

Oh and Merry Xmas to all and thanks for any help provided


Follow tutorials about making stuff in Unreal, this is not simple plug and play game engine, learning unreal at beginning is actually quite hard.

Well, the “Start Screen” is mainly done in UMG. If you don’t know how UMG (Widgets) work, please check out some basic tutorials on youtube or google.
It’s a bit too much work to actually explain the basics while they are already on the internet.

If you created your Widget and added a button, you can then use the “Pressed” event of that button to call what ever you want.
I don’t know what “Blueprint kit” you purchased, but if it has a simple function you need to call, then yeah, call that function there.

If the text above has any words you don’t understand, please make sure to google them. It’s really basic at this point and explaining everything all over again
is not really what I want to do :smiley:

Have a great Christmas, buddy