Complete Newbie with a question!

Hi everyone! My name’s Lesley (I suppose that’s obvious). I’m incredibly new to UE, so please forgive me if my question is 1) stupid or 2) in the wrong place. I’ve tried searching through the forums for awhile, but I’m either searching in the wrong spots or using the wrong key terms, so I do apologize if this has been asked and answered a hundred billion times before.

I have been slowly building my game development skills, and have made multiple small games that have increased in size using Construct 3. Finally, I was able to make a large, multi-world exploration game with the whole story I’ve been wanting to tell. The problem, of course, is that Construct doesn’t really allow me to export the way I want it to and, from all the research I’ve done, UE4 is really the way to go for someone like me.

SO (now that I’ve gone alllllllll the way around the world to get here) my question is: If I have created a game in Construct 3, is there a simple way to build the same game in UE4, if I don’t know “real” coding? Obviously I’m going to have to learn some, and that’s fine. But is it possible to transfer any of the game that’s already complete from that engine to this? Does my question even make sense?

Thank you all!