Complete level after NPC and Player are in area

Ok so I have this boat that I need both the player and follower NPC to get into, then once they are both in the boat, to complete the level. it seems basic but I’m a beginner and have no idea of how to do this, could I get some help?

Hi man,

there are many ways !
You can add a trigger box on the boat , in the level,
and than in the level blueprint, you can add some , on actor begin overlap !

Basically you get this event when some actor , (check collisions !)
So when the actor enter it, you check if the type , or the name, or whatever is
So you can know when the NPC step in
Do the same for the Player and set some variable to remember it.
Add a on overlap end, to do the same when they leave the box.

So when the event get fired, you check who enter, and then if
both variables are true, they are both in .
and you can load a level