Complete Lack of Support

So here we have the modding community constantly raising issues about support from the devs that “support” modding.

Yes you’ve given us modding tools… GREAT!

No how about you keep the support coming by constantly updating the DevKit and stop cutting us off at the knees?

I see in the latest patch that SotF servers get Combat Logs… What about regular servers?
No? Ok, I will copy it from SotF and mod it into my own.
Oh nope… can’t do that, the **** DevKit hasn’t been updated for over a week!

I’m seeing a lot of PR talk about doing this and that to support modders and making the game better…
All I see are improvements YOU see fit to increase popularity of the game and make more money.
Which is perfectly fine… As long as you address other issues as well, not blindsiding every other player that is currently invested in your game.

btw, if any of you actually do read this…
Your ‘Explosive’ damage to Stone is so broken it isn’t funny.
35x Damage multiplyer??? Give me a break.

I believe the SotF give death logs… player name/steam ID/time… which is a lot more basic than combat logs. But hey, it’s a start.

Anyway, I see your point… and after 2 weeks and 4 major version releases it would be truly “supportive” if they released a devkit the day before a patch (yes, keep the player population waiting 24 hours… mods are important!).

I think you have to expect they are going to do things that make the game more popular/increase sales… that’s a good thing. Some games (7 Days to Die for example) have devs that do nothing at all… and have absolutely no modding roadmap (which is causing the game to die).

Explosive damage 35x? Wow… the sooner we get our TCs updated with the latest devkit… the sooner we can fix these broken issues :slight_smile:

Complete Lack of Support, indeed.
Just lets hope they have crushed as many bugs as possible when the next release comes
Altho Im starting to get a Complete Lack of Faith in ADK.

To be honest, the amount of effort they’ve put in to getting the dev kit going this early and providing information has been immense. It’s an early access game. While it is frustrating to wait for dev kit updates, I can understand them prioritizing bug fixes and getting the game fully developed. The amount they have been delivering on a weekly basis has been phenomenal.

It’s surprising what we can’t do in the dev kit… especially with a competition running that’s designed to draw more people (both modders and players alike) in.

Hi ,

There should be an update of the devkit pretty soon. I’m sure the whole team was quite busy with the two events (free week-end & the SoTF tournament).

I’ll contact the devs to have more information.

can we get the graphs and stuff unlocked or at least the base files so were not guessing and can use the graphs properly/get the nodes we need? they did say on the 14th we would get it can u find out what happened? as for sotf i cant download it to look at it cause it will blow my whole total conversion so can we at least get it as an asset or something so ppl like me can look at it lol

Is there anything specific to Unreal Engine that forces mods to be fully complete, cooked code that MUST be loaded in its entirety by the game engine? They’re talking about separating out a few things from the primal bp but unless everything is stripped out, it only eliminates a few of the issues and does nothing to stop things from breaking when a new patch drops. Why do they have to load the Master Item list at all if my mod has a new dino entry? I didn’t realize how bad the system was until a server owner I know told me that none of the new things a recent patch added were loading on his server and somehow, my mod was to blame. My mod, that only added a few colors to one dino, was overwriting the core values and keeping anything new from loading. Since we don’t have a dev branch of some kind and since the client must be updated to the newest patch before it can even run, server owners don’t have a lot of room to make happy communities on private, modded servers. When every single player trying to connect to your server is shut out because their patch number is now higher than the server, do you patch and potentially break every thing on your server or just let people not play? They always patch. And they always complain when half the functionality their players are expecting is broken. They could have the game keep both the newest patch and the most recent one available as options. That would let server owners make a dev branch of their own to keep these kinds of issues down.

I am fairly new here and I don’t understand everything around ARK, but as far as I know is that something they will address. Could be that it even got addressed in the update that is coming today. Never forget that this whole Modding thing is new and that everyone even Wildcard has to learn alot about making a game modable. I mean even Epic doesn’t really know how to do it yet. Give it some time.

Overall people seem quite unpatient. Look at the title of the post… I know the competition is happening…bla. And yeah, I even think they should not have done that yet, but hell there will be one after that and one after that.

This issue likely cant be fixed due to the nature of the beast. We had full mod control on Dayz but still when a new version dropped you had to change things a lot of times in certain files to make them work again. Doesnt matter what system they introduce this will happen, the reason it seems like such a big issue is because the updates roll out a lot faster so you fix a mod and next week you have to fix it again. Its a double Edged Sword.

you guys read the contest rules?? … part where you forfeit your rights to your mods upon entry to the contest, whether you win or lose? …seems shady… and game is early access , wink wink
dont intend to make an “evil” assumption, I apologize for such, but ‘you guys’ only lead me unto this deduction … communication of concern is only beneficial…

… honestly i dont care much about the game, but i modded like, every game i ever played, and i have tons of experience in the field, so i was interested in this contest,
never modded a game that was “early access”
so idk…
seems pretty crappy… i only modded AAA games i guess … patched like Months apart…
you guys modded early access games before? … its like this?
… and ive only ever participated in contests that i retain all rights to my work (have only seen 1 before that you forfeited rights… (flash game contest, so made sense due to their business structure))

… eh idk seeing how you dudes getting angry maybe i can sweep in last couple weeks and pull it out… LOL probably wont try that… but ?
yall that dont care about the contest,* I salute you!* :slight_smile: modding is fun, cool hobby

^^ im becoming a little mad at myself for letting opportunity slip (and being a ‘Quitter!’) , but i think id rather focus on other things… :confused: … you dudes are more passionate for the game anyway… cheers!

the problem is apart from small tweaks to prexisting things u cannot make new things and what we are telling them to try to make it better/easier we do not get responded to apart from the fact that the mods barely even hear from them and everything is always 1 sided no more faith they said on the 14th aug they would expose things so we could do things we cant even hook into the core stuff we need to to make a basic drone tail u but hey ill be back in a few months when they get to the point every other modifiable game gets to and expose things so were not stabbing our toes in the dark destroying ourselfs for there own benefit i got a fair bit of xp in modding early access games and this is like were making the whole thing for them and there treating us like children exposing a little at a time to keep us on the chain then there just stealing our ideas and making them themself pretty much all capable modders i no of have just upped and left to go back to other games cause this just seems like a waste of time if there not even going to acknowledge we are here letalone were making there stuff for them… pretty sad when a million dollar game can not only not communicate with ppl, update a game efficiently, give required documentation, hire staff, keep there staff informed, or make a simple road map i dont no what hope there is

The only real issue i have with them is they released the modding kit and everything without the supporting documentation. People say its early access dont be so impatient for documentation, but the way i see it is the documentation should of been available before modding was.