complete horror audio pack

hello everyone,
this is my first post here. i am working on a big horror audio pack now to sell on the assetstore (there will also be a free version). It will include ambience tracks to set the mood, stingers, hits, and short music fragments, and sfx. are there any ideas or experiences on what else you guys need for your horror game’s sound?
thanks for your suggestion.
Lukas Fretz

here is the Info page about the package and the homepage of me for a bit more Infos


preview teaser Stream HSC Teaser by SoundGuyBasel | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

as these packs take a longer time to make than single soundtracks, i would like to know what kind of package you want to see next? what kind of sounds do you need? this one will probably be completed by the end of june, so i need to plan the next one. what do you think?