Complete Google Play distribution tutorial

I have recently found myself in dire need of help in regards to Google play distribution, specifically, the signing of my game.

I have found and read this post on android development, however it does not go into the details of the signing, it just says you need to input the details.

I have looked all throughout the internet and cannot find clear, simple instructions on how to generate keystores.

I have found some things which say use cmd.exe to generate a keystore with release.keystore, however I do not have that file in my [user].android\ folder, I only have debug.keystore.

So could someone please create a tutorial or set of clear instructions on this topic as I, and I’m sure many others, are finding this part of development difficult.

Thanks :slight_smile:

step #1 on this link is all you need to create your keystore:

Then copy the keystore to your projectFolder\Build\Android

In the same folder is the file: SigningConfig.xml - add your keystore details to it

that’s it :slight_smile: apk will be signed by the unreal export once you tick the For Distribution checkbox (hidden in Package Settings -> Project -> (show advanced options))

We really need an android studio-like system though. Time for me to get to work

Here’s some useful clear tutorial that helped me.

First watch this video and do EXACTLY as it says. Here is the link:

the video doesn’t show you how to get the fingerprint certificate, but it tells you the steps on how to get there. After you do exactly what the video tells you, you must go to your documents to C:\Users"YourUserName"\Documents\Unreal Projects"ProjectNAme"\Build\Android. Thats where your keystore file should be in. Press and hold shift and right click on the android folder and click open “Command prompt here”. After that copy and paste this command.

keytool -exportcert -alias <your-key-name> -keystore <path-to-production-keystore> -list -v

And relapse <your-key-name> and <path-to-production-keystore> with whatever you called your keynames from the project settings. After you press enter it should tell you the (SHA1)! If you don’t understand anything reply to me.