Complete Consulting MMORPGs

I offer comprehensive total knowledge on MMORPGs given to me by 24 years of industry hard core mmo game experience I offer a complete consulting on skill, gameplay, craft skill ,class, pvp, balance, game mechanics,shop monetize and most important END GAME CONTENT

I offer Real Tips for MMORPG I’m working on may indyMMO impossible project maybe in 10 years I’ll finish and I’m optimistic…I’m not afraid of competition since my kind of video game I make is a unique gameplay ^ _ ^ Now that activism and unreal engine release the masterpiece I can start hammering the piece of marble and giving it the shape of a game server

PS: I would be yse able to monopolize the MMO market with unique and new ideas… I have seen the end game of every single MMO… start from 1997 I single-handedly exterminated guilds off players in Ultima Online Renesance ALONE (I believe first user off Tamer with Releaser Dragon Macro wit 50 dragon shrinks in a bag sniake with stealth into a hotlile guildhouse full of players and kill all ) I am an MMORPG authority…

I’m always interested in Next-Gen MMO Concepts with unique and new ideas, especially the ones to monopolize the MMO market (or any other market) :slight_smile: I try to keep up with the latest with frequent visits to, Youtube, and Kickstarter. But when I hear these buzzwords ‘skill, gameplay, craft skill ,class, pvp, balance, game mechanics, shop monetize, and END GAME’ I get nervous and my enthusiasm starts to gradually deteriorate because these elements can be found in most games nowadays, in fact I suspect modern game design is heavily influenced by legacy MMORPGs.

I’m the self-proclaimed official idea guy around here, so you going to have to prove to me you the MMORPG Authority. LOL. Don’t hold back, share your MMO ideas.

these elements are found in all mmo but it does not mean that they are done well!!! i’ve tried all mmo they all went wrong into something honestly to the point that I begin to believe that there is a cospleyration cosplayers plotting with low-level streaming gamepley that aims to make MMOs that suck lol

Free idea for mmo you say? ok take this one semi trun based autofight free JRPG Template on market for start change the gameplay by adding a bar that does an automatic extra attack based on the class, talents, skill pasive, etc. that with the% of making a different atak thus the automatic attacks become customizable + do a half turn based semi autofight with all the invoices of a JRPG you put the batel pets to everyone player + ciange the combat in something similar to Grandia 2 fight but without pause to select the skill a continued fight during the battle it is possible to use spells, objects, skills, specials Jrpg tipe make ciaracter moveble whit AI only put 3 opinions on the AI character Behevior aggressive defensive and support to make the character move into position and change the attack pattern or heall custom stuff this way you can abuse the power of UN4 massive battleground huge amount of mobs with waves for pve + create a party-demanding gameplay with healer tank suport turns the JRPG into an ACTION MMO JRPG 0 competition in the market seems to me… for Xbox PS PC can be really profitable

the only thing that matters is gameplay and the EndGame the harder the better which requires skill team cooperation graphics count zero the game must be fun

I do not lack ideas XD I lack 5 good progamer and 2 por skill graphics lol

if it would be possible to monetize the ideas for videogames I will be a billionaire lol

Haha, Dont We All…In regards to the ACTION MMO JRPG, not bad. BUT how would you manage multiple players participating in JRPG style turn-base combat in a MMO World? Player queuing? Party Players get notifications to hop in battles on demand?

well it’s a theoretically is a auto fight AI based you haven’t watched the combat phase of Grandia 2 heaped up fight xD wit no time stop attacking arises by itself and players select extra skills magic or ells with the aggressive defensive position choice from the JRPG action bar each X time makes you cast action auto attack bar clone magic bar the Special Bar Pet Bar … multiplayer is not difficult since it is an AI based game, another player is just one more mob in a auto combat party start position if you are in parts off a party you make a train of players who walk together and fight as a team yse follow 4 party raid is easy to do make an X and put the bos in the center and the parties on the sides

more than that
I am working alon on something much more complicated T_T a fusion of 3 god forgotten 16bit 32bite vintage games madness!! transformed into mmo i wait activism and UN4 which give me the server so I can start to mount things

Squernix could make such a product yse but the bigger a company, the smaller the brain as elon says…, I don’t even try to contact them then Japanese are the proudest people on the planet they would not take advice even dead I know them are like the Klingons!!! Proud and honorable like samurai xD ve love jappanese

ok but in 1997 Ultima Oline you could kill a player cut his head off put it on a pike and put his head in front of the house along with all the things he had in invetory ven i kill him and put in plain sight of the players passing in front of may home…you could poison the food and give it to random guys…,kill rob plot anything no limits…
mmo over todey have lost the brutality of a reality they give you every kind of brutality brains flying arms blood everywhere monsters of all kinds…but thief does not steal…the thief in name only.
this is just the tip of the iceberg… today amazon spend 10 million for an mmo and the emmo sucks only effects lights form zero substance