Complete character design horror tittle

Good morning,

Looking for someone that with the information provided by our lead designer work on: Concepting, modelling, texturing and animating a character for an horror tittle.

Thank you all.

Hey there! Is this just for one character, or is there more work to be done down the road? Do you have design documents already put together by the lead designer? Or would you want someone who work on that as well? Cheers!

Thanks for contacting. PM send.

this is

I’m working as a 3d artist for about 3 years. You see some of my works on my artstation portfolio

There are not many works there so i send more reference photos about my works with my CV if you contact me with mail.

My skills:
-Making model meshes with a good polygon count.
-Baking high meshes and generating all maps

Programs i use:

-Substance Painter
-Marmoset toolbag
-Marvelous designer

I hope you’ll like my works. Thank you

eMail: com

Good night,

We finally find the person for our project.

Thank you all for the interest.