Complete Beginner series - Unreal Engine 4

Hello guys,
Hopefully everyone’s making great things on Unreal Engine.
So I recently started a beginner series of Unreal Engine 4 (Complete Beginner) and will make a space shooter game in the series.
You might be thinking, why would somebody watch my tutorials when there are tons of other good tutorials.
This is because, there are honestly no tutorials in our native language (Hindi/Urdu) that cover basic stuff and I think it would be good idea to make those.

So it’s the link for first video.
I would like to know your thoughts here :slight_smile:

P.S: I might add English subtitles after I complete the series.

This is an essential tip!
Please switch off the music it is to loud an disturbs your speaking very much. An option would be to turn the volume of it down a lot.

Sure will take care of it. Thanks!