Complete beginner no coding exp questions

I have a project in mind i have no coding or 3d modeling exp and was wondering if there is a terrain generator for this engine since i have no artistic exp and no funds to hire anyone and how easy is this engine to use for someone of my limited exp and can i make my project come alive using free assets? i wanna make a survival game where you mine for resources like iron copper and the deeper you go into a cave you get better materials and chopping down trees for wood and crafting system food hunger thirst health…Please i have tried coppercube 6 engine but that is just way to hard to understand since there is a lack of support and there forums are very quiet…maybe 1 or 2 people post and i see this place is always active but i do not know if i can make my dream game come true with my lack of knowledge! Any help would be great!

anyone got any answers for me on this topic?

L3DT Pro became free a few months ago: L3DT - Large 3D Terrain Generator

With UE 4 everything is possible. You can make your map with help of the editor tools or you can use “World Machine” for a more realistic landscape topography.
As for the trees and plants you can use several free or pay tools or simply buy / get some trees from the UE Marketplace (there are free items every month as well).
Regarding the Mining of Ressources you can look into the topic of “voxel terrain”.

You don’t need to have knowledge in coding or 3d modeling, albeit it’s better to know some basics in order to understand the logic the blueprints are based on. But if you want to do some very advanced stuff, it may be necessary to know how to code.

Welcome to the Unreal community :slight_smile:

I say your idea is definitely doable, but it will take you some time to learn the engine.

I recommend you start at the beginning and learn Unreal before starting your game. Check out the Unreal Academy for amazing tutorials.

Another option is to buy a survival game template from the Marketplace to get started. There are 2 complete templates that are very fairly priced :slight_smile:

Also make sure you join the Unreal discord server for quicker answers.

Good luck!