Complete Beginner, Looking to learn!

Hey everyone, I go by Brainee. I am looking to start learning from the Beginning out of 100% I am literally 0.5% there. I have a lot to learn and I am not even halfway there. I want to learn it all. I know its a huge mountain ahead of me but, I am ready to climb. I want to one day be able to create a game from scratch.

The first project I’d like to work on is a Mario Kart style, Kart Racer. I want to learn the physics of it and much more. Can you guys help me out with video’s tutorials or anything you think that would help with getting this project started? I have already started working on the concept. I am also looking for anyone that would be willing to take some time out of their day and become my teacher. someone I can run to if I run into walls and jams. I really really really want to learn. I am beyond determined and I have strong intentions of going to college next year to Major in game design.

The basic stuff. Karts, item boxes, items, acceleration, breaks, steering, drifting, all of it I know I need to learn and I am planning on pushing to the end.

Thanks in advance.

I know you guys will be there for me! I am looking to the community to teach me <3


Hi Brainee! I’m no expert just yet but this guy on Youtube certainly is an expert and he is a great tutor. I think you could learn a lot from him. He is a British guy who goes by the name of Virtus. Give it a look and see what you think. Here’s the link to his Youtube channel —>

Enjoy! =)

This is some of the best stuff i have come across when learning Unreal Engine 4:…SE-mqzKtit7m9g