Complaint on Support, Video tutorials and Newbe support

I wanted help to make a Mod for a game. well the support for mod building for the game sucks. Then I decided to try making a new game. I am new to the editor and BP Classes. I can’t get the support I need to make a game. Let a lone a mod. The video tutorials I watch they say they will help. So the do, Then the break something and don’t want to help anymore. The video tutorials suck. They make money for the unreal engine. How much are the devs for the unreal engine make off of these people. $0. That’s wrong.

The issue is that if some one that was new and can’t start on there own need someplace they can go and get beginner help. You guys mite want to make a discord server all so. I’m tired of being lied too and rip off and so on. YOU NEED BETTER SUPPORT for your engine.

I quit.