Complaint about a bug?

First off let me say I’m sorry if I am posting this in the wrong part of the forum. Secondly, I would like to say that I’m not a programmer. There is a bug within this engine that is plaguing a specific game that’s running on UE4. The bug is causing constant crashes and making the game unplayable for many users. It’s referred to as the D3D “hung” bug. I have been searching the web for the last week looking for anything I can to fix this issue and nothing seems to work. I have found old tickets from Epic in response to programmers requests in the past but nothing I have found is helping. I’ve tried suggested workarounds that go as far as Microsoft TDR (Timeout Detection and Recovery) to as simple as trying older versions of graphics drivers. I have managed to slow the crashes from crashing as soon as I load into a server to being able to play for 2-3 hours before a crash. However, the crash inevitably happens. This is happening to all PC variations AMD/Intel and Nvidia/ATI also Xbox systems which are standardized. The bug is clearly caused by UE4 because it’s been addressed by Epic in the past. I guess I’m here to find out if anyone knows anything about this bug, a way to fix it, or if Epic is still working on this issue? If there are any questions about the bug you can reference " Error: 0x887A0006 - ‘HUNG’ ". Thanks in advance to any responses!

Epic can’t do anything about games that use UE4 that are having issues, it’s up to the developer to either fix bugs they find themselves or work with Epic to get bug fixes to the engine and then upgrade to that version. If the bug is not something that happens in all UE4 games then it’s something the developer will have to work to fix most likely.

Yeah, i would let the developer know. As a developer in UE4, i can tell you, i do not have this issue, so, its certainly not Unreal Engine specific. This would be more game specific, or, engine version specific. Maybe a mix of the 2?
WIthout knowing what game, i cant even begin to guess what the issue would be.
Google shows me this is DEAD BY DAYLIGHT SPECIFIC.
please let them know to get good.