Compiling UE4 C++ Project under Linux


I compiled the recent version of UE 4 under Kubuntu 20.04. Without Issues.

I start the UE4 Editor. Without Issues.
Select new project -> Game -> Blank -> C++ -> Without Starter content.
UE4 opens project in VS Code. Without Issues.
In Code I press ctrl+shift+b, select build Linux Debug Build. I also tried Linux Test Build, XXX Test Build.
It compiles. Without Issues.

Then the party beginns:
I exit VSCode, start UE4, select my project and ue4 says: “the following modules are missing or built with a different engine version myproject.
Would you like to rebuild?”
Again and again and again.

Whats going on?
What can I do to break this circle of madness?
The project gets compiled correctly. So what is the problem for UE?

I downloaded all used tools in the last days, so they should be up to date.

Thank you for your help.

I found out that I used the wrong kit, I have to use “UE4 Editor Linux Developer Build”.

But now the autocomplete does not work in VS Code.

Can you tell me why?

Thank you.