Compiling to Raspberry Pi 2

I successfully installed UE on a linux machine.
Now I wanted to experiment on raspberry pi 2.
all documentation I found is about cross-compiling from windows to linux-arm.
I found on Ue answerhub that there should be also libraries for first version of rapsberry.

Any of you would be so kind to explain me how to cross-compile from linux UE to Raspberry PI 2??
thanks a lot guys!!

I know alternative would be install android on raspberry but i would like to avoid using it.

Now that is something I would love to see!
So I am with him. Is it possible?

I wouldn’t think that a Raspberry Pi would have enough graphical power to run a UE4 game

actually UE4 compiles to android devices that use ARM cpus
It seems you could run it (with all the limitations) on arm7 cpus and mali 400 gpu.see:
android for gaming would be a waste so that would be nice being able to use “directly” the raspberry pi2 hardware compiling the game for it (using raspian or maybe a optimized linux as target os)

it would be fantastic having it as standard option … that would nice if UE team and RPi team collaborate on that!!!