Compiling Shaders we don't need is bad for the environment and we need to make it stop

We are using a lot of energy on a process most of us don’t understand and are unlikely to use but a fraction of.

Is there a way to change the core settings in Unreal itself, so that when you make a new project, it will not compile any shaders you are not using in the beginning?
Where are these thousands of shaders coming from that we “need” in a blank empty project?

Can these all be pre-compiled during installation, so all the UE defaults are available for the editor in case you want to test out different rendering features in a new project? I do that a lot to set up performance goals.

All these permutations that come with a new project, how can we turn them off before we even start?

What else is there?
I’m looking for a way to make “Unreal Light” as my default setting.

I hear you. But I think the shader compilation is necessary.

In this vein though, is having much more control over the vault. For instance:

  1. Being able to remove things completely ( or archive them ) when they are no longer useful

  2. Being able to install only parts of an asset. Very often, I get a marketplace product for just a few items, and yet I have to download and install everything.

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Indeed. Sorting through the vault is not effective. Fetching that 10GB asset pack again because you are looking for a single material is quite the speed bump.
Archiving things would be nice. Deleting, and accepting it is lost forever would be nice too.
Another great feature to have would be to migrate the usual assets into a personal library and have that in the vault. Typical use case is retargeting all animations and then be able to fetch a selection.

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in my por skill opinion you can use the engine widaunt compiling shaders the graphics you have to add only when you have finished everything otherwise you find yourself working on a project that has to load graphics every time you work on it they are all graphics that you will change or modify eventually after

Save time go blak and wite no shadows you can always export the BP to be tested on a copy with temporary graphics

How is that done?