"Compiling shaders" uses CPU instead of GPU - How to optimize?


So I just downloaded the matinee fight scene to check it out, and after opening it, it started to compile shaders.
I checked my CPU temperature and noticed it went up to 90 degrees - it usually at 70 MAX.

Is there a way to tell UE4 to compile shaders/ process everything with my GPU?

Is it doing this already and my CPU is just getting hot?

Hey, can you repost the link it’s not working thanks.

Shaders are usually compiled by the software that runs on your CPU, not on your GPU. Once it’s compiled, the shaders RUN on the GPU.
A GPU really is not designed to do tasks like compiling… maybe theoretically it can be possible, but I haven’t heard of it yet :slight_smile: hope that answers your question

same issue, please repost your link, thank you very much =)) <3

I don’t think a GPU could compile shaders. Compilation of code can be thought of as a long and thin process, where the next set of operations are dependent on the last. This means it’s difficult, if not impossible, to fork to multiple cores. GPUs are made up of many really small processors optimized specifically for 4x4 matrix multiplication. Even if it were feasible to compile shaders on the GPU, it would certainly take longer than if it were done on the CPU.

please repost the link, or at least some information to what the video says?
link is broken

Sorry to say @AlexToucan but your answer is completely incorrect. It is absolutely possible and in fact extremely common for large compilation tasks to be spread across as many threads as possible. The base unreal engine itself will fully utilise all available cpu core/threads when compiling. There also exists tools like IncrediBuild (which unreal has native support for) that can distribute compilation across dozens, hundreds or even thousands of threads.

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I was actually just looking up something similar last night, weird. Thank you for the correction! Yeah, multiple techniques can be processed on different cores. This is so cool! If you haven’t already, check out OpenCL!

so guys, how can we do that XD

The youtube link is broken.

Frankly, I solved this problem a little bit by keeping the cover of the case open and manually increasing the fan speeds.
CPU heating may not be much of a problem, it is important that the CPU socket does not get too hot due to the CPU.
If the socket gets hot then the problem starts and the computer turns itself off.
However, before it reaches that state, I go into standby mode and cool the case a little.
If there is a small fan, you can open the cover of the case and put it next to it. :smiley: