Compiling shaders - every time i open/start the editor

Is there any way to disable the preview or just stop the editor to compile all 30.000 shaders on each startup / theisland load?
It takes 2-3 hours waiting each time which kinda “affects” my passion to mod :frowning:

Normally It will compile them one time only Thats why the first launch can take some time but after having compiling all the file It will only recompil the new one. But to compil all the files It can take many launch if you dont force It loading them manually

Are you letting it finish? Also did you try changing “lit” to “unlit” in the viewport?

Shaders all about those CPU cycles. If you really would like you can setup the swarm connection to connect to multiple PCs on your network and utilize their CPU cycles as well :slight_smile:


yes it finishs all the time… i just tried it on my laptop where it compiled them only once
still fiddling with it on my stationary though :frowning:

Okay - not going to lie I’m not 100% sure if the swarm connector will help with shaders, someone more experience will have to comment on that.

I really am not sure why it would re-compile every time, that’s definitely not normal. The only thing I can think is that it’s loading the map and instantly changing something, which causes all of the shaders to re-compile.

Are you loading the same map on laptop as your main PC?

@OP If you are having to do it every time then it isn’t saving the compiled shaders correctly I don’t think. Which really either leads me to believe that your hard drive its located on is REALLY over filled (always a terrible plan to let your HDD’s get more than 50% filled), or something else is at play.