Compiling Game with CLion on UE 4.26 on Linux (Some definitions disabled, and Apple headers missing)

I am on Linux, and I want to use CLion as IDE, but I have some problems when compiling.

I encounter the error for multiple files with class inheriting from UObject :

'GetWorld' marked 'override' but does not override any member functions

Looking into the source code of Unreal, I have to enable the option WITH_ENGINE in the file cmake-definitions.cmake to pass this problem, and I have another one :

use of undeclared identifier 'FAsyncPreRegisterDDCRequest'

That is solved by enabling WITH_EDITOR.

After that, I encounter missing headers from Apple module like MetalShaderResources.h

My project still compiles inside of the UE Editor.

I would like to know if it’s normal that the definitions WITH ENGINE and WITH EDITOR are disabled by default? And why I encounter missing headers for Apple while I am building under Linux

Thanks :slight_smile: