Compiling game for use in editor?

I have split my game into two variants: Client and Server. (There is also a common module.) Both flavors compile and link just fine. But I’m not clear what needs to be done to make a version for use with the editor, aka a PIE version. Could someone provide some guidance on this?

You should have a build target for the editor. Should just be a matter of adding your client and common modules to the build target in SetupBinaries:

	public override void SetupBinaries(
		TargetInfo Target,
		ref List<UEBuildBinaryConfiguration> OutBuildBinaryConfigurations,
		ref List<string> OutExtraModuleNames

Well I tried that and ended up with a mess of cyclic dependencies for some reason. Compiling the client and server didn’t do that. But compiling for the editor is causing all sorts of grief.