Compiling for CentOS(Linux)

Hey does anyone have an easier way to compile for CentOS ?
When i try to click the link the tutorial

The GitHub page i get an 404 error page…

The link doesnt give me a 404 error. Have you connected your git account to your unreal account allready? You can do this under the account tab.


That Wiki page is about cross-compiling from Windows, and generally works out-of-the-box.

I’ve compiled all of the Linux demos on the Wiki ( that way, using various versions of UE4 even.

Maybe you could be more specific about your objective and we can provide some guidance?

You should log into github, at least. That is why you get 404. Either that or your account is not connected to epics.

Alright i i will try login into git hub. But what im trying to do is compile a linux version of my game from a windows pc so i can run a server on linux is tht possible ?

It is possible. The wiki page that was given above ( is a proper place to get set up for that. Take a look here too.