Compiling Exception Error

I’ve been having some trouble with the ADK lately and it seems to only be getting worse.
It went from a few minor things that I was able to skip over when Developing mod(s) but now it appears I am unable to even cook my mod anymore.
I get the follow error-pop-up when attempting to Cook my mod: ---------------------------The UE4-ShooterGame Commandlet has crashed and will -

It seems to appear when reaching something about the Rockwell Notes, but I don’t do anything with notes or dossiers at all. So this must be a vanilla file something, or something else is going on that I just don’t understand.

I’ve verified maybe a total of 10 different times over the course of a week trying to resolve other much lesser problems, but this did nothing to my surprise.
I’ve had to reinstall now at least 3 different times for one reason or another, mostly because the Launcher can’t seem to find my ADK anymore.

I don’t know what else to do, my mod is in desperate need of a bug-fix and I’m on day 2-3 stressing out that there doesn’t appear to be anything I can do about it to push this fix.

I don’t know what else I could provide, if something else is needed. Please do let me know, don’t pass me up just because I don’t know what is needed. T.T

online.dmp.reader.txt (4.88 KB)