Compiling crashes? Deletes Folders?! / Question

So I’m trying to re-create all my community work on our project. But Every time I try to do anything now on my new computer especially make a new level and selecting and creating a folder my ark dev kit keeps crashing and then at the part when I’m compiling my terrain that where it crashes and deletes all my folders I created for my project… Any tips on how I can fix this issue? I even re-installed it and did a verify still keep having issues and only at that part…

Spec for the new computer:
Processor I5-7300HQ CPU
GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 ti
RAM: 16 GB

Or is it the material that I’m picking for the map to have the base - keep crashing it? If so what the new material should I be using? so this issue doesn’t keep happening!

Also, another question I have… I want to add some paragon stuff to my the ark dev. and I’ve read the forum post about it.

(I’ve already read the post below about adding market stuff - but I keeps crashing or giving me import errors)