Compiling C++ with retail build ?¿


I’m pretty new on UE 4, and i’m a little bit confused about engine Retail version and engine GitHub version.

I understand that :
GitHub Version is delivered with setup.bat ( to download Engine and build depedencies ) and GenerateProjectFile.bat (to create a project named UE4 with all c++ file). To Compile C++ with this version i just have to rebuild my UE4 project in VS2013.

Engine Retail is the lastest engine download with my ‘Epic Games Launcher’, and i dont know how to compile my C++ modified files.

For example; In my blueprint project on retail engine, i tried to change my SDK Steam version in C++ files, but modification arn’t saved.

I would to know how to compile my C++ files with my Engine Retail / How can i create a VS2013 project with it.

Hi ,

With the binary version of the Engine (installed through the Launcher), the source code files are available for you to view, but they cannot be edited or the Engine rebuilt. If you are using a binary version of the Engine, you will not be able to make changes to the source code. However, you can still create a code game project by using one of the C++ templates when creating a new project, or by adding a code class to a Blueprint project. Both of these options will result in a Visual Studio solution being created for the game project.

If you download the source code from GitHub, you have the ability to modify any source file, and can rebuild the Engine to include your changes. This is only possible if you are using the source code version of the Engine. Unfortunately you will not be able to change the Steam SDK version if you are using the binary version of the Engine.

Good evening !

Thanks you for this clear explanation ! Happy to know that :). I Tried to copy some github files in my engine’s binary folder and generated VS2013 project, but it made strange results ^^.

Ty for help ! :slight_smile: