Compiling C++ project on Mac (from Windows) - text encoding errors

I’ve been working on a C++ based project for quite some time on Windows, but I wanted to see how the project runs on my Macbook.

After checking out the code, I couldn’t compile through the editor so I generated Xcode project files. However, when compiling through Xcode, I am hit with the following error affecting most of the source files including the “.generated” files: “UTF-16 (LE) byte order mark detected in … FILENAME HERE”.

I attempted to change text format but this error just won’t go away. Has anyone else encountered this? I get these errors even when creating a new C++ based project in the Epic Launcher. If it helps, it’s the “#include” lines the errors are located.

Bump - still having issues with this.

I am working on both mac and windows,
never encountered this error :-O.

What IDE are you working on windows ?
Also can you generate a C++ project on mac and see if it works ?

Maybe you can try to convince XCode to use UTF16 ?