Compiler Linker Error CreateUModelFromStaticMesh


Creating library E:\RocketVictory\VictoryGame\Intermediate/BuildData/VictoryGame\Win64\Development\RocketEditor-VictoryGame.lib and object E:\RocketVictory\VictoryGame\Intermediate/BuildData/VictoryGame\Win64\Development\RocketEditor-VictoryGame.exp
1>VictoryEdAlignMode.cpp.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "void __cdecl CreateModelFromStaticMesh(class UModel *,class AStaticMeshActor *)" (?CreateModelFromStaticMesh@@YAXPEAVUModel@@PEAVAStaticMeshActor@@@Z) referenced in function "public: void __cdecl FVictoryEdAlignMode::CreateUModel(void)" (?CreateUModel@FVictoryEdAlignMode@@QEAAXXZ)
1>E:\RocketVictory\VictoryGame\Binaries\Win64\RocketEditor-VictoryGame.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals

and its counterpart?

UStaticMesh* CreateStaticMeshFromBrush(UObject* Outer,FName Name,ABrush* Brush,UModel* Model);

this is for my Editor Mode so yes it is very useful to me :slight_smile:


Hey Rama,

Thanks for your report! We’ve filed a feature request to have this functionality opened up for you. Please let us know if you come across any more unresolved external symbols.



Hey Rama,

We’ve opened this functionality internally and expect it to be available to you in the next Rocket Beta build.



Could you open it for rest of us, or at least tell how to open it by ourselves? Copying function body don’t work, because it calls more unresolved external functions.