Compiler Error/Target Points

Alright, so I have an issue with my game not compiling due to the files not being in the standard directory. What happened was that I made the original game file in the root folder and then cloned it into dropbox so the team could work via DB and now it won’t compile.

I’ve seen others with a similar problem, but I can’t get their solution to work, which is this:

-Create Game.uprojectdirs textfile in the root of your project folder (e.g. /UnrealEngine/MyGame/)
-Right click MyGame.uproject, and select “Generate Visual Studio Projects” context option
-Open updated solution file

The DB version of the game has the old targets from the original game, but I can’t get it to create new ones. I’m trying to move the game over to a new engine build and this is stopping me dead in my tracks. How do I fix this?

Dear James,

Have you tried this:

1. Delete your intermediate folder

  1. delete .suo and .sdf

  2. delete .sln

  3. right click on .uproject -> change engine version -> 4.4

  4. open new .sln

  5. compile

  6. Celebrate!

This is a non-destructive process in 4.4

This was the only thing that worked for me in 4.4 after I re-arranged some folders in my Source and UBT didn’t understand their new locations.

This bug has only started in 4.4, I never had this issue before.

However, in 4.4 is also the first time I’ve been able to easily delete my entire Intermediate folder without complications arising, so it works out :slight_smile:



Dude… you’re ****ing awesome. That worked perfectly.