Compiler Error fixing not possible

When i start my game in the normal viewport it trows an error in the widget blueprint graph of my lobby menu. If i start it in standalone mode it throws no error but the whole menu just doesnt work (i guess cuz theres an error). If i go in there a connection is missing in multiple locations (always the same connection) but if i fix it and go out and back in its still fixed, but the whole menu still doesnt work again and the blueprint still doesnt call. If i exit Unreal Engine and go back into my project the error in the blueprint is back and what ive done earlier to fix it has been deleted. The connection is gone again and as before everything doesnt work.

In general I just can’t fix the Compiler Error because it doesnt wanna get fixed.

Does anyone have an Idea to why it behaves like that ?

Hello ,

From looking at the screenshots you provided, it seems like every one of these connections is between the Player Settings and Player Info. Are these two compatible? Are they of the same type? This behavior makes it sound as if they are based off of different structs.

As far as i know they are the same type, otherwhise i couldnt connect them at all i think.

The easiest way to tell would be to select the Variable and check the “Variable Type” in the details panel. Be sure that it matches the dropdown beside the Input pin for the function/macro that it is connecting to. If you’re still having trouble figuring out the issue, please feel free to send me a copy of the project so that I can take a look. If you’d like to do this privately, you can send a link to the project to me via a private message on our [forums][1].


So you gave me the idea of checking the variable type and that wasnt the problem, but i changed it to something, changed it back and remade aalll the connections according to that variable and it worked again, but not entirely, some features still dont work. It also stays fixed after restarting now so im pretty sure it was a bug in some way. Well thanks for helping and hopefully i can get the last features to work again.

I understand. I’m going to this as resolved for now. If you need any additional help, please feel free to comment back and the question will reopen. If you do find the cause of the problems, feel free to share that as well.

Since this whole problem has been a bit strange to me and i also realized now that most of the project is corrupted and messed up (eg. the map textures a swapped, i have a stone brick blurred into my cam view) i’d count this whole thing as a big bug that might be relevant for u guys, so can i cound this whole thread as a bug report ?

I dont know right know but with a bit of help im pretty sure i could make it a appear in another project, i can also show you what happened in this project if that helps in any way

Unless we have some way to reproduce the issue, it wouldn’t really make a difference if we make it a bug report or not. Do you know of any way to reproduce this in a fresh project?

Are you still experiencing this issue, ? Have you had any luck reproducing it in a fresh project?