Compiler Error - Element Bar

I have managed to create a map extension mod, and now I would like to modify an existing level on The Island map.

However, when I try to cook the mod with the added level, I get the following error:

[2021.08.18-19.09.33:149][  0]LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler] Error Failed to find class for pin  Element Bar 
[2021.08.18-19.09.33:152][  0]LogBlueprint:Warning: [compiler] Warning [0053,03] Compile of Buff_TekArmor_Shirt_Rework failed. 1 Fatal Issue(s) 0 Warning(s) [in 77 ms]

I have both verified and re-installed Ark Editor after removing everything, and I still receive the error. I can compile other mods without problems.

Does anyone know of a fix, or could suggest something for me to try? Any suggestions would be welcome.