Compiler error "Bad name index" Is this the end?

Hi I’ve been searching forums for an answer but cannot seem to find it. I’ve posted a question on the anwerhub and I hope I can get some more exposure here. Is there any way to fix this? Im going over my head right now since I’ve put almost a year to this game and now it doesn’t complile anymore. Maybe anyone had similar problem? Thanks for any kind of info.
Here is the question Please help compiler error "Error: Bad name index -1/534" - UE4 AnswerHub

It looks like you are going to need to go over the log file for more info.
I found these posts talking about the same error:

It seams to be due to a damaged/corrupt asset.


Edit: You should also check out the UAT log file, It is mentioned in the log output.

Can confirm that. After trying everything, I just deleted some assets I had a hunch about since the error appeared around them and it compiled. Lost some work but it now compiles. Thanks for the answer