Compile require Visual Studio?

Every time I try to compile my project in ue 4.10.0 it says:

“Installing Visual Studio
It appears that Visual Studio 2013 in not installed.
Installing Visual Studio 2013 will allow you to view Unreal header files, as well as create and compile your own code projects.
You can install Visual Studio Community 2013 from Microsoft for free using the following link: Download Visual Studio Community 2013”

I already have Visual Studio 2013 community installed but it still comes up with the same message.
Is there anyway to compile my project like you used to be able to?


If you work with precompiled UE 4.10, you must install VS 2015.

My copy of unreal is a full release.
If you mean my project how to I change it to a full compiled

Full release of UE 4.10 which you downloaded with Epic Launcher is precompiled version and was compiled in Visual Studio 2015.
For work with the C++ projects you need install Visual Studio 2015.

It’s not a C++ project. So do i need to compile unreal myself (it’s blueprint project).

Even non c++ projects need visual studios to build and package game since 4.9 I noticed. When I installed 4.10 community 2013 stopped working for builds so I now have the latest, which I think is 2015.

4.9.1 i was able to package without visual studio.

It is fixed in unreal engine 4.10.1

I was also able to package in 4.10.1 without VS Community 2015 until a few days ago. I did not even upgrade my version of UE4 since and now I have the “Visual Studio 2013 in not installed” message

im using 4.12 and even after reinstalling ue4 I can’t package even new projects to test…link text

Still encountering this in 4.12.3. To specify:

  • I can “launch” a project directly to development phone by clicking the green launch icon on the top menu bar, and it works without Visual Studio.
  • “Packaging” a project from the file menu will not work unless I have Visual Studio installed (Community 2015 w/ C++ tools & other requirements for Unreal).