Compile iOS mobile from a Windows computer?

Howdy-- i just finished watching this youtube:

Introduction to Programming | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube

&& is pretty exciting stuff to saythe least < i wonder if Jeff is going to be posting here in the forums at all ??-- i sure hope so >.
I am just starting out with UE4 this week and want to be clear in my mind about something-- he mentions he is working on a Windows OS system in that particular youtube, && goes on to say " but, you can use a Mac as well…" in the early part of it.
Here is what i want to ask: If i compile a mobile project < say-- the mobile iOS template > for iOS on a Windows computer-- is it going to compile and run on an iPhone like it is supposed too ?? Or-- will i need to start with a Mac OS computer from the get-go ??
Am grateful for any reply or help at all && kind regards, mark-p.

If I am correct, In there examples for mobile they are basically the same for andriod and ios but when building they build what you are using. If you are using Mac you can only do Mac, same for PC. At this stage they are trying to able pc to deploy to ios

Hey-- thanks for your reply. This is real, real exciting stuff here, Eh ?? && kind rgeards, mark-p.

It sure is :smiley: but mobile has a bit too go for now. Cant wait for the next up coming updates for UE4 and Mobile support

In the GitHub code, you will see plenty of support for iOS from Windows (using our IPhonePackager tool to do the heavy lifting). It’s not a polished experience yet, so we didn’t put it into the precompiled tools.

As for compiling iOS C++ source code from Windows, we do have support for that, but you need to run a tool on a Mac (UnrealRemoteTool) and point your Windows setup at the Mac via a environment variable. In other words, we depend on Xcode for compiling native code, so a Mac is a required part of the toolchain, even when doing everything in Windows. Hope that makes sense,


Hey Josh, any timeframe on when these iOS features might show up in the compiled builds? That kind of a setup opens up some interesting possibilities.

are there any tutorials available for this process?

Does UnrealRemoteTool require a full UE4 installation on the Mac? I only ask because my MacBook is a bit old and doesn’t meet the requirements of UE4, particularly it’s stuck on Mountain Lion, but it is adequate for compiling code.

No and yes. The only thing that has to be installed in the remote tool, but when a remote build is triggered, all of the source code is copied across and all of the intermediate build products are stored on the Mac, so you need hard drive space but your GPU doesn’t matter, etc…

RE: Tutorials for the PC workflow? Nothing right now, that’s part of why it isn’t supported yet, there is no documentation covering getting it setup.

Michael Noland