Compile git plugin for ARK Editor

I tried using the version of the git plugin that was for 4.5, however it said that it was compiled for a different version of the UE Editor.

Can you guys re-compile it and distribute it with your editor so that some of us can use git?


Guess you are talking about this one ? I will admit it’s not a high priority for us currently but I might be able to just compile it for you. I forget if we’ve broken some of the version control settings inside the editor honestly. We never use them here personally (always commit outside the editor itself).

I would also love to see it. I use Sourcetree normally for Git but it can’t merge uasset files :frowning:

You guys also broke the Import for Particle Effects :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a PITA to remap all the textures, components, mats, etc for each particle effect I want to import that was already pre-made in UE4.

Also I would love to see the git plugin compiled with the Dev Kit honestly. Source control is king.

Thanks BorisDos, I would greatly appreciate it if you could build that for me. I don’t have a lot of free time and I’d rather not have to learn how to use a whole new versioning system, let alone pay for a new one too when I already use and know git.