Compile from github source - mismatch scope of #defines

I’m trying build UE Game preset with EditorOnlyData from sources at master on github.

Modified UEBuildGame.cs at SetupDefaultGlobalEnvironment as:

UEBuildConfiguration.bCompileLeanAndMeanUE = false;
UEBuildConfiguration.bBuildEditor = false;
UEBuildConfiguration.bBuildWithEditorOnlyData = true;
UEBuildConfiguration.bBuildDeveloperTools = false;
UEBuildConfiguration.bCompileSpeedTree = false;

UEBuildConfiguration.bBuildRequiresCookedData = false;

UEBuildConfiguration.bCompileAgainstEngine = true;

Trying to build… and at output (compiler) so much errors of undefined symbols because so many symbols defined at WITH_EDITOR scope but using at WITH_EDITORONLY_DATA

such as on screenshot: