Compile error when using two of the meta specifier AutoCreateRefTerm in one UFUNCTION

I am wondering whether or not there is some special rule as to how to use a meta specifier twice in the same UFUNCTION. I am trying to do:

UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, meta = (FriendlyName = "Mint == Mint", **AutoCreateRefTerm = "arg2", AutoCreateRefTerm = "arg1"**))

This code compiles fine with just 1 of the AutoCreateRefTerm meta, but gives this error with 2:

Metadata key 'AutoCreateRefTerm' first seen with value 'arg2' then 'arg1'

I tried doing:

AutoCreateRefTerm = "arg1" & "arg2"

and a few other things. Is there some special rule to do this? Or am I simply limited in the fact that I can only use this specifier for one thing? For those who are wondering, I am using this specifier so that my node doesn’t give errors with nothing connected to the pin.

Looks like it’s possible. Engine source search shows this:

Thanks! I figured that it wouldn’t work due to commas interfering since the terms are in quotes. In what way did you search through the source files? I know that you can just search using the windows search, but wouldn’t that take a LONG time to get any results?

Visual Studio’s Find In Files it pretty quick. If you restrict the types of files to search it will speed things up. I’m sure there are heaps of free search tools out there that can do the same thing with more flexibility too.

I sometimes use the search functionality built into Github on the engine repo too.