Compile error - ShaderCompileWorker

Hey guys,

I’m trying to compile UnrealEngine-dev-magicleap-mlsdk-0.20.0 (For Magic Leap) on MacOS.

I’m running a MacBook Pro 15" (2017) running MacOS Majave v10.14.4 (18E226). Xcode version 10.2 (10E125).

The following environment variables have been added to my bash profile:

export MLSDK="/Users/james/MagicLeap/mlsdk/v0.20.0"
export PATH="/Users/james/MagicLeap/mlsdk/v0.20.0/tools/mldb:$PATH"

Following the readme file, I ran the Setup.command and the GenerateProjectFiles.command files. I then opened up the project in Xcode, selected the shaderCompileWorker and tried to build it, but got the following errors:

"Local variable 'Result' will be copied despite being returned by name" -  CodeGenerator.cpp - line 2593
"Local variable 'Out' will be copied despite being returned by name" - UnrealSourceFile.cpp - line 

Any ideas how to sort this??

I have the same errors, but not for the “ShaderCompileWorker”, but for the UE4. Have you resolved yours by any chance?


I’ve been struggling with this mistake for a week and no success
I tried to do so

this fix:

- return Out;
+ return MoveTemp (Out);

- return Result;
+ return MoveTemp (Result);

but it only led to even bigger mistakes(

Maybe someone could fix it?