Compile error in blueprint for unconnected node?

When I compile my project, I get an error in my level blueprint for an UNCONNECTED node.
Is this the desired behavior ? (I always assumed that unconnecting nodes was the equivalent of commenting code >>> should not be parsed)

Hi siska,

The specific error is registering that no class has been specified in the node. Unlike commenting, an unpinned node is more like an unused function in code. The functionality is there but it isn’t being called by anything. As such, it will still experience errors in functionality if it requires a specific piece of information, in this case, a class to spawn. Giving it a temporary class will remove the error so you can continue working.

Ah … Ok, thank you for clarifying this.
Too bad it isn’t equivalent to a comment though … That would have been more practical, I think.

There is a feature request in our system for commenting out blueprint nodes as UE-12270. Unfortunately I don’t have a timeframe of when this will be addressed.

Ok … thanks ! Let’s hope it will happen soon :slight_smile: