Compile error 4.4, please help


Just downloaded Unreal Edit

or, followed all the tutorials, but I am getting the following error …

Anyone got any ideas?


Have you checked to make sure that .dll and the others like it are not read-only?

Hi ,

Just a few things to double-check.

  • Did you download the correct dependencies for 4.4 (the dependencies for other versions of the Engine will not work)?
  • What version of Visual Studio are you using?
  • What do you have your Solution Configuration and Solution Platform set to in Visual Studio?
  • Do you have the June 2010 DirectX Redistributables installed?

Hi guys

I think I know whats wrong.

I forked from here which I dont believe is correct and used the github client to download it …


Now i,m trying from here …


This is what I have forked and am trying the dependencies from this page, I have also downloaded the zip file instead of using the client, and have now also downloaded a dependency from Occulus and am trying to compile for the 6th time.

Hi ,

Were you able to get the Engine to build successfully?


Yeah, all done, thanks.