Compile (clang) error on build

I’m using the ARKIt plugin, but I’ve disabled the TrueDepths plugin at Apple’s insistence and now my app won’t package. I get the error:

UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Took 1.410083s to run mono, ExitCode=0
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Running: mono “/Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_4.23/Engine/Binaries/DotNET/UnrealBuildTool.exe” PalaeoGo IOS Shipping -Project="/Users/chull/Documents/Unreal Projects/PalaeoGo 14 copy/PalaeoGo.uproject" “/Users/chull/Documents/Unreal Projects/PalaeoGo 14 copy/PalaeoGo.uproject” -NoUBTMakefiles -remoteini="/Users/chull/Documents/Unre
al Projects/PalaeoGo 14 copy" -skipdeploy -distribution -flushmac -Manifest="/Users/chull/Documents/Unreal Projects/PalaeoGo 14 copy/Intermediate/Build/Manifest.xml" -NoHotReload -log="/Users/chull/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine/LocalBuildLogs/UBT-PalaeoGo-IOS-Shipping_2.txt"
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Compiling against OS Version 11.0 [minimum allowed at runtime]
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Parsing headers for PalaeoGo
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Running UnrealHeaderTool “/Users/chull/Documents/Unreal Projects/PalaeoGo 14 copy/PalaeoGo.uproject” “/Users/chull/Documents/Unreal Projects/PalaeoGo 14 copy/Intermediate/Build/IOS/PalaeoGo/Shipping/PalaeoGo.uhtmanifest” -LogCmds=“loginit warning, logexit warning, logdatabase error” -Unattended -WarningsAsErrors -installed
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Reflection code generated for PalaeoGo in 6.5288069 seconds
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Compiling with iPhoneOS SDK 13.0
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Parsed dsymutil version as 11.0.0
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Adding PostBuildSync action
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): IOSPlugin: Plugins/Runtime/AR/Apple/AppleARKit/Source/AppleARKit/AppleARKit_IOS_UPL.xml
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Writing manifest to /Users/chull/Documents/Unreal Projects/PalaeoGo 14 copy/Intermediate/Build/Manifest.xml
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Performing 9 actions (4 in parallel)
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): [1/9] Compile SharedPCH.Core.h
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): [2/9] sh Unzipping : /Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_4.23/Engine/Source/ThirdParty/GoogleARCore/lib/ios/ -> /Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_4.23/Engine/Intermediate/UnzippedFrameworks/ARCore/ARCore.embeddedframework
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): [3/9] Compile PalaeoGo.cpp
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): [4/9] sh /Users/chull/Documents/Unreal Projects/PalaeoGo 14 copy/Binaries/IOS/PalaeoGo-IOS-Shipping
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): ld: bitcode bundle could not be generated because ‘/Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_4.23/Engine/Source/ThirdParty/GoogleARCore/lib/ios/libGTMSessionFetcher.a(GTMSessionFetcher-dummy.o)’ was built without full bitcode. All object files and libraries for bitcode must be generated from Xcode Archive or Install build file ‘/Users/Shared/
Epic Games/UE_4.23/Engine/Source/ThirdParty/GoogleARCore/lib/ios/libGTMSessionFetcher.a’ for architecture arm64
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
PackagingResults: Error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): Took 16.764793s to run mono, ExitCode=5
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): UnrealBuildTool failed. See log for more details. (/Users/chull/Library/Logs/Unreal Engine/LocalBuildLogs/UBT-PalaeoGo-IOS-Shipping_2.txt)
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): AutomationTool exiting with ExitCode=5 (5)
UATHelper: Packaging (iOS): RunUAT ERROR: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully.
PackagingResults: Error: AutomationTool was unable to run successfully.
PackagingResults: Error: Unknown Error

Google doesn’t return many hits for this. Any ideas on how to resolve this, bearing in mind I’m using blueprints and not Xcode directly:)

I’m going to make a wild guess that it builds just fine for development, right? You can run a scene on a local device with no problem?

If so, this is the bug I’m trying to fix this weekend. I’ll report back if I figure it out. Obviously, please do the same :smiley:


For you and anyone else who finds this via Google, the problem is that one of the build paths is not escaped properly. Later, if I get some time, I’ll nail down which one.

In the meantime, an easy fix is to…

  1. Quit UE4.
  2. change the name of your build folder form Unreal Projects to Unreal_Projects
  3. Re-open UE4 and you’ll see that all of your projects are gone. that’s okay, it just doesn’t know where they went.
  4. Use the ‘browse’ function on the open project screen and find the project file for one of your projects, and open that.
  5. Build. It will work just fine now :slight_smile:


@chiltonwebb, That’s correct, sorry for not mentioning it before. The app builds fine on the iPhone and IPad for development with Apple ARKIt face Support plugin disabled (and ARKit plugin enabled, obviously) And then it fails fairly quickly into the build process with the above error.

If you’ve got a work around for it please let me know. This app is on a tight deadline and is in rejection limbo (insert long story, shortened) having TrueDepths API included in the app (and not using it)


Cameron, I’m sorry for giving you incorrect advice. Your problem appears to be slightly different than mine. That “Unknown error” message is a little annoying because the Packaging system could just tell you what actually happened :smiley:

Your actual problem is related to AR Core. Go to plugins and look for it there. Turn it off, restart Unreal, and try another build.

And if that doesn’t work, of course, report back!


Of course I need AR Core for the Android version, but I’ll give it a go :slight_smile:

I kinda figured that was the case, you can probably just turn off that plugin for the ARKit version and turn it back on for Android.
I have an AR toolkit I wrote for Unity that wraps ARCore and ARKit at a low level, and I know from that, that AR Core still has issues. Despite all their resources, Google doesn’t appear to do a lot of quality control testing with their AR products.


Freakily enough, that worked! IPA packaged up without errors.
Thank you very much for your help chiltonwebb!

It will involve some button switching depending on the build but as a work around it’s super-good!

Why can’t Google and Apple just get along :wink: He he he