Compile button disappears & fail to compile

Build Type: from Source

Build version: 4.12.3

Detailed description of the issue: I found that this issue (compile button disappearing) occurs when I declare functions in a class (es. void func(); ) but forget to initialize them (void myclass::function() {} ). After hitting compile the engine will them try and in the end will say that compilation succeeded, but the button has disappeared and if I quit and restart the project it will say that the module myproject is missing. removing the intermediate folder and trying to recompile manually (generateprojectfiles + make myproject) didn’t help.

System specs: Ubuntu 14.04

Hello Danny95,

We currently have a bug report in for this issue as we’ve had a few reports of this. At the moment, when compilations involving undefined functions and/or attempting to subclass a Minimal API class end up causing the compiler to become unlinked from UE4, resulting in the loss of hot reloading capability. For reference, the bug number is UE-31575.

Although this is the first report I’ve seen on Linux meaning the results may be different but you should be able to restore the functionality by deleting your Binaries, Intermediates, and Saved folders, generating project files, and then removing the offending function or declaring it before compiling. At this point you should be able to open the project without issue.

Yeah it works perfectly! Thanks!

I was just forgetting to delete Binaries and Saved, I just deleted Intermediates