Compile and export only the slate ui?

I’m creating an aplication for my game, and for multiple purposes i need to pack my project to be executable without the 3d environment, i need just the Slate UI, have some way to do this?

I would love to have a UMG-only build option, too.

Yes, you can make programs exclude main engine module and use APIs from Core module API and even CoreUObject if you need UObject system and you can include any other module that is not dependent on Engine module like Slate and SlateCore. In fact engine has such programs and UBT has function to build them, best example with UI is UnrealFrontend:

You need a new target build script to build the program and run build of it using command line, so look on *.Target.cs.

Remember that you can not redistribute modules in Editor or Development as well as other programs, so you won’t have help from any editor code.

Thanks so much, is for some independent executable interface on my main project. This is very usefull to i get the right way to do this.