Compile and download

how to download the Source code from Github and compile the editor manually

and the source code from github is about 180 mega is that right ?

? can any one help me ?

Hi dark space studios,

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@dark, give people time to give you an answer. 28 minutes is not along time to wait.

Here is a written tutorial and video guide to help you setup Github, download the Source code, and compile the engine.

Please keep in mind that you will need Visual Studio 2013 to compile the engine.



answer me

Hi dark space studios,

Once you have an account, go to the Dashboard on and follow the link for setting up your account through GitHub. The instructions for setting up a source build are included on the GitHub page.

Hope that helps!

Isnt the engine now part of the 4.7 regular download via the Launcher?

If you’d like to build from source, you still need to get that through GitHub. The Launcher only uses the binary.

The Launcher does not have full engine source code. You have to pull from github to get full source.

Oh, alright, misread the release notes than.