Compilation Problem

Hello all!
I use VisualStudio2015 and UE4.10
When i try compile code i have many errors like:

1>***n.cpp(463): error C2065: 'ss': undeclared identifier
1>***n.cpp(464): error C2065: 'cc': undeclared identifier
1>***n.cpp(468): error C2065: 'M': undeclared identifier
1>***n.cpp(469): error C2065: 'M': undeclared identifier
1>***n.cpp(481): error C2065: 'NF': undeclared identifier
1>***n.cpp(493): error C2988: unrecognizable template declaration/definition

But in ***n.cpp file i have:

void classn::calc(const FGregDate& J, double* rect){
	double M;
	double NF;
	TArray<TArray<double>> ss;
	TArray<TArray<double>> cc;
	for(int8 i = 0; i < 5; ++i){
		ss[i].AddDefaulted(8); 	// Line 463
		cc[i].AddDefaulted(8); 	// Line 464
	M = mods3600(129596581.038354 * T); // Line 468
	M += 1287104.76154; // Line 469
	NF = mods3600(1739527263.0983 * T); // Line 481
	LP += (((((z[23] * T + z[22])*T + z[21])*T + z[20])*T + z[19])*T + z[18])*f; // Line 493 (T - double, z - double[])

But before this code compile without errors… before added to my template class one methods. My template class not including ***n.h.
I tried cleaning. It did not help.

UPD: I removed the new methods but it did not help.

P.S. Sorry for bad English skills :wink:

After remove template class all is ok. But why? Template class not include ***n.h and ***.h/.cpp not include template class.

Did you implement your templated function correctly? Templated functions can be quite tricky. Here is a great page that will help you understand them a bit better. Personally, I like to just inline my templated functions in the header.