Compilation problem after renaming a file???!!!


I’m facing a curious compilation problem when trying to rename one class file from MyServerUploader.h/cpp to AsyncUploadToMyServer.h/cpp. This is the error I get:

I found a similar issue on the forum, pointing towards including C++ standard libs to the project. While I’m including a headless thirdy-party library inside MyServerUploader.cpp, everything runs fine as long as I don’t change the filename to anything starting with the letter ‘A’.

Am I missing something?

Would you guys have any ideas of what might be happening?

Update: I found out that the problem is raised depending the new name you choose.

If the new name comes **lexicographically **before another file I have in my project (MyServerPackager.h/cpp), the problem will be raised.

If the new name comes **lexicographically ****after **that file, everything will work fine.

For example, if I rename ‘MyServerUploader’ to ‘Abcd’, the problem will happen. If I rename it to ‘Xyz’ instead, everything will work fine.