Competitive Matchmaker

Hey Everyone!

I’ve been working on a matchmaker for UE’s Online subsystem. I’m planning on releasing it officially once it has been more thoroughly tested and reviewed. I’d love to get some other developer’s feedback on it.

This will be free to use. The OSS plugin is open source. I’ll be releasing open source tutorials as well.

Here’s a quick 5 minute walk through of it in action.

I’d love to hear comments and suggestions. If you’re interested in trying it out, get in touch!

This looks very solid. Very nice of you to make it available for free as well. I bet there are many game devs out there looking for something like this.

Really looking forward to seeing this progress! Thanks for sharing and I’d love to help out with testing.

Impressive work. Thank for sharing this with the community :slight_smile:

Looks promising, and reeeally useful for the people here! Keep it up!

I see you found the dev sandbox. =) Shhhhhh!

I added some CRED to your account, and sent you a friend request.

MM testing. I’ve been switching user accounts on windows to play with this solo.

Very interesting, I´ll keep an eye on this. Would save me a lot of time!

Keep up the good work,

  • Nes

Looks very promising, would you mind adding me as a friend so we can have a little chat about that?

I just uploaded a full walk-through showing how to do this from scratch. It takes about 2 hours.

Competitive Matchmaker walk-through


I’ve been integrating OSS friends and related functionality. This is still experimental, but it is in the sockets branch if anyone wants to play with it.

@UEtopia this looks really good, I’m looking forward to trying it out!

Just a small suggestion: the login redirects to the browser, but it would be cool if it happens in the game itself, so the players don’t have to leave the game, especially if it is in full-screen mode.

Just did a quick livestream demo of the new party, friends, and recent players functionality.

Github is up to date if you want to try it!

Where is this repository? I couldn’t find it, and I’d like to test it out.

By the way, the Friends&Parties new feature looks very promising :wink:

Hey FSapio. I’m so sorry for missing your post. I just saw it. =( Hop over to the website, enable “developer” in your user profile. This enables the developer tab in the nav, which contains all of the developer goodies, including source.

Also for everyone following this thread, I just did a demo of the latest big feature:

In game tournaments! (I’m really excited about this)

I just posted a new walk through showing how to get set up, using 4.17


plz make it available to the UE4 26 version