Compatible laser scanner

I know that with glossy objects, photogrammetry have problem in accuracy. I would like to know are there any portable laser scanner that exports PTX or E57 format that RC can import to work together with photogrammetry. It seems more laser scanner are only for scanning building and structure. I’m looking for scanning objects like a statue or a table. Also, I found Artec 3d scanners although not laser scanner but can output E57 and PTX format. But will it work with RC? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Anthony
Even though Artec can export E57 it is NOT exported in compatible data structure that can be used with RC. The PTX export from Artec is not Leica’s PTX ( 3D data ) but PIXAR Ptex format ( ) which is used ONLY for UVs.
Most of the Faro, Leica, Z+F and other terrestrial scanner makers can export in a proper E57 - PTX format. Yes, they are a bit pricey, but the price reflects some features and precision. There are leasing options starting with 250+ EUR/ day, so possibly a short-term solution.
For statues etc is photogramemtry OK, but you need to use it wisely to make it work properly.