Compatibility of Imports: Siemens NX

So I was wondering, I have a 3-D model of a car in SIemens NX. It is one large assembly with a ton of sub assemblies (of course). I can get MOST of the sub assemblies in, but others just REFUSE to load in when I use datasmith. And the full assembly won’t load in either. The ones that don’t load in just appear as little dots (as shown below):
Is this a compatibility issue?? What am I doing wrong?? It is stunting my project in a big way.


which version of the engine are you using?
do you get any messages from the import in your log files: ./YourProject/Saved/Logs/

Do you have permission to share those files with us so we investigate on our side?
I could send you a link to a box folder so you could upload your file(s) there.

It seems when loading in the full assembly of the car (called Gen 6 Full Assembly) it is not able to find a bunch of the sub assemblies. Is there a way I can change the pathing or something of the main assembly so the program can find all the sub assemblies?

Also, I’ll get back to you about sending the files. Have to clear it with my boss first. Thank you so much!

Also I am using UE4.27 at the moment.

You cannot specify folders to look into for parts in the Datasmith import process.
Datasmith will look for parts used in an assembly using path referenced in the assembly file itself or next to the assembly file.

Between the save from NX and the import in datasmith, did you move those part files with respect to the assembly file?

Does the path "C:\Users\LMS Engineering #10\Google Drive\Larsen Motorsports\CAD Files" that Datasmith is looking for the missing part makes sense? Does it exists? Is it where the assembly file is?
Can’t you move the missing part in that folder?


They are all within the “CAD Files” folder, or in a folder inside this folder. Do all the subassemblies need to be in the EXACT folder? Also another possible issue, some of the parts of the subassemblies are different types; for reference one assembly has .sldprt files as well as .prt files. Could this be an issue?

the dev tells me we look at path based on what is in the assembly file and we also search for them in the folder tree around and below the assembly file.

So it could be nice to have your tree to really investigate the issue.

On your side you could check: is any of the file not found in the hierarchy or not (with the prt extenstion), e.g. is “SheetMetal Assy.prt” somewhere?

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So the good thing is, all of the files are found in the hierarchy. The bad thing is that must mean there is another problem. Do you know how I would get the whole tree to send to you? Its a lot of files.