Compass for FPS and TPS (free)

Hi guys
I decided to give this project or asset for you as free , its a simple compass shown in the desire location and size of the screen which show player the world orientation .you can use it for FPS and TPS for PC and android as i tested them both but it should work in all platform coz its blueprint but i only have PC and android to test it .

i will appreciate you guys to see your feedback if it look good or not .BTW you can use it in your game with no restriction as the texture i used is from free license sites .if it helped don’t forget to thank :slight_smile: .

its a simple widget blueprint with key added (G) to hide and show it again that you can remove or change the key as you wish from the character blueprint . tested in both 4.8 & 4.10 .

project file :

project file (2nd type of compass that head move ) tested under 4.10 if you want to see how it is then scroll down the page and you will see it in my tutorial on how to migrate the compass video below

Have fun

Thanks for a user who reported the bug , seems the east x west is flipped for the 1st type of compass so pls add * -1 float to the hud as below image com.jpg

This looks pretty neat! One question though, how easy would it be to have the needle change direction and not the compass itself? I would prefer if the compass stayed stationary while the needle moved around.

Its not that hard but it will need some work like replacing the reference in the widget blueprint by putting the compass head reference instead of the compass but to get it full working without issue the image of the compass head and the anchor of it might need some tweaking .

I really appre the work you put into this. I to would like to have the needle move instead of the graphic.

I would also appre. specific directions how to install this into a project… or off to pay you do do the work of changing the needle’s working.

i will uplaod another video show to you how to install it in your game and uplaod another project for you guys for the needle movement .

nice job on this asset I got some use for this, think i’ll change this into a gta style minimap. If I do would you mind if I released my modified project?

Not at all just make sure you give credit for me :slight_smile:

2nd type of compass added have fun …

thank you so much for the kindness.

I noticed the compass image rotation are related to the camera rotation, meaning when the camera facing to left, the compass image rotate to the left too and end the needle is pointing at EAST not WEST.

I managed to fixed it by adding a multiply float to -1

will try your second compass later. Thank you so much

thanks again for your bug report i added your fix to the first post on how to fix it .

Any word on the video on how to install it ?

Here is how to transfer the compass or any other asset you get from the community to your game .

Thank you very much.

My pleasure , if you need any help on such simple things tell me and i will gladly help .

This looks exactly like one I made I dont think I ever published it on or though, right down to accidently hitting O instead of W for the compass image…

Here it is in my game…


Not calling you out but if you did grab my image directly just make sure credit is posted where due :slight_smile: I dont think I ever post usage rights anyway.

More than likely we just copied the same tutorial which gets you this in photoshop


And my blueprint

Kinda funny we both followed the same steps cause I dont think that widget is on the interweb, only the image.

I went “That looks familiar!” haha. Very useful mixed with the community ocean plugin though!

When you superimpose the images of the BPs… I see alot of people getting angry over blueprints being posted and then posted as marketplace items in the future to come!

@ Nsomnia hehe yeah it looks like yours but i manged to make it by myself as there are even no tutorial about such thing when i searched about it , i learned the basic hud of compass from a guy called Twiz then i researched to get a free image from a site that give image with no copyright that’s why my image looks like yours if you get it from the same site .and i gave the tutorial credit to the guy on the youtube , i was trying first to publish it to the marketplace then i thought to give it for free . did you publish yours to the market ?

No something so simple most people can figure out on their own. I just get a giggle when I see someone post content made from my tutorials a pride feeling almost. Just looked similar no hard feelings :slight_smile:

np :slight_smile: just found out i already sub to your youtube channel since long time but still didn’t check it as i have a list of tutorials that I’m following and soon i will reach yours :smiley: so thanks in advance .