Comparisons not working in the condition in branches

I am creating a nursing simulator in which the student gets a problem, figures out the answer, answers it, and can then go to a page where they can view feedback based upon their answers. The way that I have this set up is to set up a structure that has different parameters for correct answers, wrong answers, the feedback associated with each, and the pertinent information for the patient. When the game starts, it will pull a random patient and his information from a database and plug in the information in the appropriate variable.

I have it set up, within the blueprints area, that when the text is committed (where the students put their answers), the answer the student put is compared with the answer that was contained within the database. There is then a branch that if those two answers are equal, than it will assign the text that was assigned to the variable (from the structure) and will assign it to the variable that displays the feedback for the correct answer. If not, than it will see if it is higher than an acceptable amount. If that is true, than it takes the appropriate feedback and assigns it to the feedback variable; if not, than it displays feedback for if the amount is below an acceptable amount.

The problem is that when an answer is committed, it shoots through and will only give the feedback connected to giving an answer that is to low. Even if I give the exact answer or if I change the equal node so that they both are the Needle Correct variable, it will still pass through to the Feedback Needle to Low variable.
How can I make it so that it will compare the text with the different variables, and then display the correct variable?

I’ll take a shot in the dark, but I don’t think GetDisplayName is gonna give you what you are looking for.

I think you want a Text variable in your ‘Needle Answer Text’ that contains the text you are looking for, rather than the display name for the object instance, like ‘NeedleAnswerText_C1’ which is what GetDisplayName gets you.

So, in your NeedleAnswerText object, create a Text variable call something like ‘MyAnswer’ and set that to the text you are wanting to test against. Then instead of using GetDisplayName, use NeedleAnswerText->MyAnswer to compare against.