Comparing one variable to multiple numbers in blueprints

Hello Everybody,
I have a variable names “Current Speed meter”, and its value changes from 0 to 100, and i will use this number to set my sprite play rate.

So the following image shows the setup i used and it’s working just fine, but i would like to know is there any faster way to do this, because later on i might compare the results up to 500 and use increment size of 10, so i need to use 50 nodes like i did.


Do you really need specific steps for play rate?
How about setting a formula which uses CurrentSpeedMeter for play rate? something like…

PlayRate = Clamp(CurrentSpeedMeter / SomeValue(20 or 40 etc) , 0.5, 10)

You’re absolutely right, i don’t know why a custom function hasn’t crossed my mind.
That solved it, many thanks.